The W Agency (The White Agency Estate Agents)

The White Agency Estate Agents by Marquette Turener



Rocket Technology

Rocket Technology by Marquette Turner

A new challenge for The Bastille Trust team but no strangers to embracing shifts and changes in society, Rocket sought to not only embrace but set foundations in the burgeoning smartphone and tablet market.

Based on the Google Android platform, the range of options included:

  • Pocket Rockets (smartphone)
  • Rocket Launchpads (tablets)
  • Rocket Laptop (notebook PC)
  • Rocket Block (mp3 player)
  • Rocket Pack (a combination of the above)

Taking a leap from the book of companies such as Gateway and HP, Rocket Technology, which also included laptop computers, sought to simplify not only the product choice, but the delivery and warranty methods.

The concept was innovational and spirited for which many aspects have flowed through to other areas of The Bastille Trust’ ventures.

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